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School nurses are required to do at least one hour of training each year on concussions. The CDC offers a wonderful program to help us to achieve this goal. Click here to go to their webpage.


Congratulations to Rita Kinniburgh, 2015 RICSNTA School Nurse Teacher of the Year!





Congratulations to Linda Mendonca!

Linda was recognized in the the September issue of 

Rhode Island Monthly

It includes an editorial feature profiling the best and brightest nurses in our area.In conjunction with the Rhode Island State Nurses Association, nurses were nominated by their peers and selected by a panel of nursing professionals and educators. Linda is recognized  for her outstanding 

contributions to school nursing, as the Nurse of the Year, in a Non-Traditional Setting.

Congratulations to Gen White

for being the runner up in this category of Nurse of the Year in a Non-Traditional Setting.  

We are very proud of the both of you!

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